The Great American Stupa for World Peace
Technical, Artisans and other In-Kind Supporters
The actual Bodhivastu Phuntsok Chörten will require a very large number of skilled craftspeople from abroad as well as from the United States. Lama Rangbar Nyimai Özer has been training several craftspeople in Nepal over the past 18 years in fields such as copper and iron work, thangka iconography, and cement work.

As these craftspeople join the project, they will be added to the Bodhivastu website on this "Team" page. At a later time, the Bodhivastu project will be requesting sponsorship and support of these artisans, as well as some from Bhutan to bring them to the United States to work on the Phuntsok Chörten-a journey and a transcultural event that will be essential to the success of the Stupa. Your support will be greatly appreciated.

osvaldo nitya brighenti
Osvaldo "Nitya" Brighenti
One of the early Architect/Draftsman for the Bodhivastu Project, Nitya was born in Italy in 1949 and is an architect and painter. He worked in Italy teaching and freelancing from 1975 to 1985, and moved to the United States in 1985, where he worked in New York City on various projects including residential, commercial, and institutional architecture. Nitya relocated to Hawaii in 2002, where he currently resides and works. Among other projects, Nitya designed a debate ground for Sera Mey in South India, a stupa in the Burmese tradition, and a Lama residence in New Jersey.

j.r. jeevan goff
J.R. "Jeevan" Goff
Jeevan left the United States and moved to Nepal in 1992 to utilize his skills to help the Nepali people electrify their country cleanly by using solar energy. Together, he and Lama Rangbar (Adam Friedensohn), established Lotus Energy Pvt. Ltd.
Lotus is a pioneer solar company and established the standards for Solar Village Home Lighting Systems; there are now hundreds of thousands of households in Nepal benefiting from this simple and reliable technology. Lotus Energy also helped implement remote hospital solar-power plants, remote water-pumping, electrification for vaccine refrigeration and medical equipment, and has electrified rural schools, monasteries, and tourist lodges. Jeevan has retuerned to the USA and has established Lotus Energy in Hudson, New York which provides and installs solar electric power systems for residences and commercial applications. J.R. is also known as "Jeevan," which is the Nepali word for "life."

Iron/metal worker
Satish has been working under the guidance and tutelage of Lama Rangbar for over 15 years. A master craftsman in his own right, Satish will lead the team that will complete various aspects of iron and metal ornamentation for the stupa.

Perry Okimoto
Perry Okimoto
Born and raised in Hawaii, Perry moved to Los Angeles to further his studies in photography and design. He worked in the graphic design industry and expanded his studies in painting and sculpture. Perry presently works for a multimedia company and also has a ceramics studio where he creates work currently on exhibit.

Norion Ubechel
Norion Ubechel
Graphic Designer

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